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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 28, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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soy. score was 19-14. a team's nearly two year long losing streak over. >> the detroit loy ons have the redskins to thank for it. an arrest any high profile celebrity case if a crime committed decades ago. and new nations are battling over what happens next to roman polanski. a father of four is killed in front of his family. fox 5 morning news continues right now. it is 6:00 on this monday
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morning. thank you for waking one fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. this game is over! the detroit lions for the first time since december of 2007 -- >> a rough start to the week for redskins fans but the lions have reason to celebrate this morning. their 19-14 win breaking a nearly two-year-long losing streak. more on this coming up in our monday morning quarterback. dave ross will be here to talk about the game and talk about his big celebrity encounter as he was tanging out with a star with close ties to the team. >> i think the hard thing is you n't want to lose to a lousy team but you don't want to be that team that ends the loading streak that is the
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second longest in nfl history and now the redskins are that team. >> i think you have to stick with coach zorn now. >> you have to give credit where credit is due. the detroit team looked good and played a good game. >> we'll break it down coming up later on. >> let's talk about what is happening with our weather around the region and we start with a look at -- we go outside and show you the satellite- radar composite because we've got mostly clear skies this morning. there are some clouds out there to the north and west. they will make their way in here. it will be later on today so we'll have morning sun and partly cloudy skies later. that precipitation, some of it will like make it over the mound it be as and we could see a couple of showers and thunderstorms here or there during the afternoon and eke. temperatures around the region like this. 59degrees here in washington.
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57 in raleigh being north carolina. new york city is at 62 degrees at this hour. norfolk, virginia, 59 degrees. forecast for washington for today, skies become partly cloudy later on. it will be quite windy rater on today as the cold front comes through and maybe some scattered showers and thunderstorms. it's possibility, about a 0% chance. high today about 77 degrees downtown. we'll have more on the weather coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright on this monday morning. >> good morning to you all. not so bad rate now with the lane open along 95 and 295. an easy commute out of laurel right now. top side of the beltway not so bad either. if you are continuing from college park headed around towards 270, all of your lanes are open. we are still maintaining speed as we do the double nickel out of silver spring to bethesda. we are starting to see delays form in germantown south of 118 head the out towards mva.
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this is a shot of northbound 95 working your way in from 123 out of woodbridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. prince george's county police are vehicling a home invasion that left a father of four dead. it happened early yesterday morning on marley drive in bowie. police say three masked men stormed the home but only went after 39-year-old tyrone richardson. his wife and children weren't hurt. neighbors say they didn't see or hear anything. public records show richardson had filed for bankruptcy less than two weeks ago and went to court back if 2002 for weapons charges. that case was later dropped. suspects got away that i black mercedes they stole from the home. it's 2000 f-40 model but the emblems have been changed to say 5-500. a bridge county shopping
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cent are is forced to evacuate because of a potentially deadly disaster. flash back to the scene in may when a natural gas leak caused this explosion at the penmar shopping center in for of theville. today, that same shopping cent are is closed evacuated yesterday after natural gas leaked once again into stores through piping that karries electrical wires. firefighters cleared out 125 shoppers and no explosion this time. fire officials took a gas level reading of 3.5% and we're told it take just a level of 4% to produce a devastating explosion. with just over a month to go until election day, the race shows it is getting a little bit tighter. mcdonnell and on fox news sunday this weekend. the economy was the big topic. he told chris wallace that the commonwealth needs to become more competitive for jobs to keep them from going to other doesn't ruse and neighboring states.
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he also said that he wants to create tax incentives to boost the number of jobs in virginia. turning now to the race for d.c. mayor, coming up at 7:00, hear from one. the cth -- from one of the candidateshere on fox 5 morning news. and now to a developing story. director roman polanski has hired a lawyer as he sits in a jail facing possible extradition back to the united states. he is wanted for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977. he was arrested over the weekend in switzerland. the victim, who is now a mother of four says polanski should not go to jail but u.s. prosecutors say the law is the law. polanski fled to france one day before his sentencing in 1978. french and polish authorities plan to ask the united states for clemency. another developing story we are watching. an alarming report out of you ron. country's state television says it test fired one of the longest-ring missiles in its
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arsenal t can reportedly reach israel, u.s. hid east bases and parts of europe. that news comes ahead of discussions planned for thursday in geneva a merican leaders will meet iran and other world leaders over iran's newly revealed nuclear facility n our next hour, we'll talk about the situation in iran live with john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. "new york times" political columnist william safire has died. he passed away yesterday morning after battling pancreatic cancer. he wrote over a dozen books and 3,000 columns an served as a speech writer in the nixon white house. he was 79 years old. coming up next the rains cleared out but last week's floods are still causing problems in georgia. take a look at. this a sinkhole swallowing a car. and just when the driver thought that it couldn't get any worse, it did. later on, starting this week, it will be illegal for drivers in maryland to text behind the wheel. why some say it could be difficult to enforce this new law though. 
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soy the results enter following elections in germany. an excited crowd shouted angela merkel's name. she won a second term and her new coalition axe center right government, won the majority of parliament. the waters are receding in the philippines after a tropical storm brought massive flooding in manila. at least 100 people are dead. rescue crews have been pulling survivors from rooftops an searching the waters for bodies. that storm dumps more than a month's worth of rain in just 12 hours. along with the flooding, residents are also dealing with power outages and dangerous landslides. it is the worst flooding the northern philippines has seen in 40 years. back in the united states, flooding in atlanta left a massive sinkhole on this road. crews put cones around it but that road was still open. one man says the copes were moved off to the side when he headed down the road and he
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drove right into that sinkhole. the good news is he wasn't hurt. the bad news is his car is wrecked. what is worse, before he could get the car out, vandals got to and took off with cds and other valuables inside. officials have declared a disaster in 14 counties in georgia. the flood damage is estimated at a half billion dollars. >> you would think somebody would notice the vandals getting 199age hole to get that out. >> you would think. two big changes impacting drivers in maryland. >> one of them kicks in this week and it is a good reason not to pick up your cell phone while driving. another one could have a big effect on road projects in the case. temperature checking in just shy of the 60-degree mark as you look at traffic heading into the city early this monday morning on the 14th street bridge. we are back with more after this. some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens.
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today is yom kippur, the holiest day in the jewish calendar. nearly all businesses are closed and the streets are empty. worldwide, those who observe it will spent the day fasting, praying and repenting for their past seasons. pope benedict xvi is in the
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czech republic wrapping up a three-day trip. held mass about an hour ago. he will have lunch with the czech bishop before returning to rome later today. we're turning to tony. hi a chance to saturday to go to the navy game in annapolis, meat some great folks and down from pax river. thank you for making me feel right at home. but it rained all day the entire game and it was just downright miserable conditions. navy won the game but kind of a washout for the weekend. are we looking better today? >> we're looking better. we do have changes coming in the forecast in the form of some wind and maybe a shower or two. maybe even a thunderstorm or two here or there later on today. i think the primary concern will be the winds. right now, we're at 58 degrees. our temperatures dropped off by one degree here in washington. it remains 54 degrees at this hour in baltimore. fredericksburg at 58 degrees. winchester has dropped off a little bit to 5 # degrees right
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now. the winner not significant. five mile per hour winds coming out of the west-southwest. five mile per hour winds at dulles airport. things are quiet now. later on today, we'll seat wind pick up in advance after and then bhind a cold front that is going to be moving through here. let's go to the satellite- radar. i'll show you where the front is now. it's pretty good front really extending from the great lakes reek on through extreme wstern portions of new york and eastern portions of ohio and then back across areas of the south and the mid-mississippi river valley. it is a good cold front t will come through here. it will bring some clouds in first and we'll see those winds pick up and, as you see some rain and even some thunder and lightning with this now across ohio moving into pennsylvania, we could see a couple of showers and thunderstorms pop up here and there later on today. so forecast for today looks like this. morning sun but then becoming partly cloudy. again, that is about a 0% chance of that afternoon shower or thunderstorm activity. it becomes quite breezy with winds out of the southwest 5 to
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20 miles per hour gusting up to 0. 77degrees for your high today. for tonight, cool, clearing skies, 5 # degrees for your overnight low, still a little bit breezy. for your five-day forecast, a cooler day tomorrow. high only about 71 degrees with sunshine. overnight lows in the 50s and in the 40s in some locations. fair amount of sunshine for the rest of the week but highs only in the upper 60s to near 70. now, let's get to julie wright for an update on traffic. >> the lanes are open right now with no accidents to report if you are traveling southbound along 270. you will found yourself in a backup approaching d passing 109 which is pretty typical of this hour. here is a live shot of the commute headed out towards mva, montgomery village avenue. no incidents to report along the top stretch of the beltway. pace is good out of college park headed around towards 270. 66 coming in out of vienna this morning. all lane are open. still at speed here as you travel east of 123 headed in
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towards the beltway. 66 a little busy right now out in manassas traveling between the two 34 interchanges. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a text messaging ban is going to take effect in maryland this thursday but some are arcing how police will enforce it. it only prohibits writing or sending text messages while driving but reading those messages is okay. officials say police will have a lot of discretion and decisions will be based on what officers witness. if you are caught, the fine is $500. we'll be talking more about a new survey on distracted driving, a downright scary situation when you hear how guilty drivers are around here. lon anderson from aaa mid- atlantic will join us live to talk more about this. could road construction possibly make you sick? the "washington post" reports that montgomery county officials will propose requiring health studies before major roads are approved. they want to gauge how vehicle exhaust will affect minors,
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come individually wrapped and they're perfectly sized to cook quickly and evenly in only 10 minutes. (announcer) perdue perfect portions. topping this morning's business beat, it was the slogan that quickly turned into a pop culture catch phrase and now, what happens in vegas stays in vegas could be making a comeback. the what happens here stays here campaign ran from 2003 to 2005 but was shelfed for other themes and now thlas vegas sun is reporting that the city plans to bring it back.
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after a series of less successful ads. a lot of economic news to keep an eye on this week. chris cotter with the fox business network is live us for in new york with our business beat. good to see you again. >> good to see you gurvir. >> let's talk about where we're starting the dow off today. down 42 points on friday so the markets kind of iffy. >> flat. we are flat today in pre-market trading. flat trading in europe with the exception of germany today. other than that, just a flat start to the week. last week, as you some mentioned, we were down 42 points on friday on the dow. down almost 2.5% for the week on the s&p. commodity prices really dragged down oil trading, around $55 a peril. this week, we get a lot of economic dataing on manufacturing, housing. that will drive the market the. but relate lay looking toward
6:25 am
try, we get the government's non-farm payroll report. that is always the biggie, first friday of the month. it will be the biggie again this week. another thing to keep an eye on, we pay get some this week. a lot of companies will preannounce earnings. a left times companies will come out and give is a little bit of a hint as to what they are going to do in the quarterly report f that happens, that will drive the market as well. but really, it is the jobs reported on friday that everyone is looking forward to. >> the unemployment numbers were a little bit better, housing numbers not as good as expected so we'll see hat those fronts this week. last week, chris, one of the things we were talking about was the g-0 summit and what if anything was going to come out of it. what do you think? >> well, usually not. this why. it is so hard to come to an agreement in terms of a consensus as to what should be done but very hard to enact any
6:26 am
type of legislation on a global basis in a timely manner. i guess the best thing that could come of it is the other finance ministers around the world agree with ben bernanke in te fact that we can't pull stimulus too quickly. governmenteds need to keep that money in the economy at least until we get a solid ground foot for the global economy. that a very good positive. if have you finance ministers pulling that stimulus money and their economies fall apart, it really is a global economy and others will follow suit. the fact that we have agreement that that is the best policy with the united states policy, at is the best thinto come out of that meeting for sure. >> we'll see if it can be incident pltd on a global level. thank you. we'll see you tomorrow. coming up next, the detroit lions' losing streak is over and the redskins fans have a whole lot to say about it. we'll be live with that when fox 5 morning news returns   
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welcome back. i guess for redskins fans, it is kind of a tough monday morning. >> as far as redskins fans, it is a stormy monday. for effect, it is not really that bad weather-wise. we just have to deal with the clouds over us from detroit. >> got some cool weather headed our way which is really nice. starting to feel mo like fall. >> and oddly enough, there will be clouds moving in from detroit. >> i think we saw that coming yesterday. >> it started yesterday afternoon. you can see the rain showers move through detroit during the overnight hours. and there is some cloud cover associated with that. it is all pushing to the east. later on today, we'll get some of the clouds pushing in here after some morning sunshine. here is a look at the current conditions being reported at reagan national. currently, 58 degrees.
6:31 am
humidity, 81%. those winds out of the southwest at five miles per hour. that will be the big change later on today as we see the winds pick up first out of the southwest and out of the west gusting up to around 0 miles per hour later this afternoon and during the evening hours. the forecast for today, partly cloudy. slight chance of a scattered afternoon shower or thunderstorm and again becoming quite breezy. high today about 77 degrees. coming in about 15 minutes, it is the return of ask the weather guy. today's question is from nathan, a viewer who is eight years old and has a wonderful question. >> weather-related question? >> it is not exactly weather- related. it is more astronomy related. >> the with is like what didn't they win yesterday? >> that would be a tough one to answer. >> you probably got that from your son. >> i actually toyed with writing my own question. > but we had to censor it for
6:32 am
tv. >> i'm thinking 8 years old, i just want to know is it sloppy joes for the lunch menu. >> and you're stillenning that at 30. >> did you say 0. >> wait minute. you're in the that far off. # 70 busy on the top side approaching and passing 109. no accidents to report out towards the lane divide. southbound 29 is in good shape. 66 from centerville, the land are open from 29 to 28 but you are a little bit below speed here as well as traveling between 50 and 123 headed in towards fair oaks and vienna. -- the lanes are open from 29 to 28. this game is over!
6:33 am
the detroit lions from the first time since december of 2007. >> all right. your final score 19-14. the lions end their nearly two year long losing streak at the hands of the redskins. nobody want today the team to break that losing streak. and now the redskins will go down in history as being that team. >> stacy cohan is stalking to folks who are pretty stunned this morning down at ben's chili bowl for us today. >> reporter: you're interrupting my conversation that we've been having here all through the break about the redskins. i've got a fan that has been watching the skins since how long you say? >> since sunny jurgensen. >> now a lot of people have been hating on our beloved washington redskins. i love listening to your perspective. it would me your thoughts. >> you are going to have to cut
6:34 am
this. >> reporter: look at this. >she said you win some and you lose some. isn't that what you were telling me. >> that is what i said. >> reporter: that is exactly what you said. look, she is running out the door. you have a nice morning darling. but she said you win some and you lose some and you shouldn't take it any more seriously than that. it is just football. i wish i could say i felt the same way. it has been a very hard morning. effect has been talking about the game this morning. >> that's right. >> of course been talk bath game. >> you can't watch the game. you said you were working? >> i was working. >> what did everybody say. >> people kind of mad because every time you think your team is going to do something and they end up losing so i mean it has been a terrible time for the redskins. >> reporter: she was saying that she thinks folks are booing our team because they are taking their anger. on the redskins.
6:35 am
and that is not appropriate. >> no, it's not. >> if you are feeling bad, come on in here, we've got a big old pot of bacon, some chili going. and we've got more fans. >> we'll talk more about that. redskins version of the game and how it went down in just a couple of minutes. >> dave ross will join us for monday morning quarterback. he will give us the scoop on the celebrity heran into down there that has close ties to the redskins. pretty did i have report story up in detroit. >> they are celebrating this morning. let's get live to fox's al allen who is in detroit. congratulation to your detroit lions. somebody had to lose to them and it was just us this time. what is going on in detroit this morning? >> i tell you what. we've got the headlines here in the local newspaper, the detroit free press calls wonderful, wonderful. the lions have won one game. that says a lot here. usually on monday morning in
6:36 am
metro detroit, they are talking about the bad things, what the loy on did his and how they lost. the fans are really excite. most fans, they were not surprised but they were like opted milosevic mitt being that this team would happen sooner or later. all the fans this morning here outside of detroit at this local gas station, it is a good thing the lions won. they are not saying the lions are going to win the super bowl this year are on other than get into the playoffs but they believe the lions can win at least two or three more games. the bad part for you guys is somebody had to lose and it happened to be the redskins. so i know the fans in washington are not too happy about what happened last night here at for the record field. by wait, we had one of the smallest crowds to see the game, about 40,000 fans. that is the small of the home game crowd since 1989. but it was enough though for the lions to win. >> man, al, congratulations again. thank you so much for joining us. hopefully we'll check in with
6:37 am
you later on this morning. >> it would be great to get more feeling of what is happening. if it makes you feel any better, at least redskins fans got to watch the game. they didn't sell out game in detroit so the detroit fans couldn't even watch it on tv. most of the fans missed their big win which is jufs fine with us here. what do you think it will take to turn the redskins season around? that is the big question of the morning. can anything turn it around in go to we set up a panel for you. can you vent, you can sound off. can you leave whatever comments you can within reason. click on the sports tab and share your thoughts with us. >> we are following some other news stories for you this morning. bridge county police are investigating a deadly home invasion. police say three masked men stormed a home on marley drive in bowie and they killed 39- year-old tyrone richardson. his wife and three children were not hurt. the suspects stole a back mercedes and used it as a
6:38 am
getaway car. this is a 2000 f-430 model but the emblems have been changed to say 5-500. the tug of war over roman polanski could escalate today. he is facing extradition to the united states for having sex with a 1-year-old girl back in 1977. the victim is now a mother of four and she says polanski should not go to jail. he fled to france one day before he was supposed to be sentenced. he was arrested over the weekend in switzerland. polanski was arrested saturday as he arrived in zurich to receive a lifetime achievement award. the redskins' disappointing loss to the detroit lions p we will talk to somebody who was there who witnessed the debacle if person and lived to tell about it. that is our man dave ross. okinto save more? use your giant card
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the redskins giving the lions their first win in almost two years. dave ross in detroit yesterday at the foarld field. today, playing monday morning quarterback. i was reading one of the article in the detroit newspaper and bill ford said he couldn't even talk after the game. he was speechless. >> real quick and i thought this was a cool thing. after the game was over, two-to- a man, the entire line came back out onto foarld field and shook hands with the remaining fans. >> there was a fan left to every player. >> she said there were 40,000 people there. there were not 40,000 people in the stadium yesterday. good for them. their fan base really needed that and i thought it was cool. >> all right. let's get on with this. >> enough of that. >> the redskins, i thought they played lousy. i watched the whole game. on paper, on that dreaded
6:43 am
paper, they looked great. santana moss had a career game. jason campbell had a great game on paper. >> this was the critical moment in the game. clinton portis can't get in. here is the problem with jim zorn and the washington redskins. they have no identity. we don't know what this team is. are they a running team in are they a passing team in are they a fin is team in are they a power team? we don't know. they tried on to republican a stretch play which is kind of a tomfoolery plea of -- play. right now, they are a cute team and trying to do things in a clever way and it is not working. >> that was the joe gibbs footbit right up the middle. >> you know what is coming but joe gibbs went to two playoffs in four years when he was here in d.c. >> what has to change, dave?
6:44 am
>> we have some lousy teams coming up. it is a good chance to get some wins. >> already lost to one of those lousy teams. >> you got more coming up. >> somebody has to take the bull by the horn out at redskins park. don't care if it is jason campbell, clinton portis or jim zorn. somebody needs to look at these guys and say hey, you're better than what you are showing on the field today. go change t how good do you want this team to be? it is your team. do something about it? this team has go to step up and take ownership over itself. the coaches can coach all they want. the plays are can say all the right things to the media. they've got to go out and look the other team in the eye and say we're better than you. >> is jim zorn's job safe? >> i think it is safe if right now. i think it would be very hard pressed to see them make a change during the year but i will sigh if thing dos not get righted in a hurry, i think to t. would be hard it say he has a job come january. >> i think the question becomes
6:45 am
is there a better option in house? >> if the season is salvageable. we all like jim zorn in the media. we wish him nothing but the best. i will say right now this is not acceptable and i think the redskins woulbe the first ones to say that. >> does jim zorn have the make- up to be the guy that gets upset? >> i think he does. >> we see the jim zorn that kind of sugar coats everything. >> what goes in the half time locker room, i don't know. we are we anot privy to at information. it is up to him to say this is not working. >> let's take a look at the sidelines yesterday. our man dave ross, being a little celebrity spotter. this is dave ross and tom cruise. you guys look like old fraternity buddies hanging out on the sidelines. what were you talking about? >> we were talking about when we made all the right moves together. he couldn't have been a nice are guy. to talk to somebody like me on
6:46 am
the sidelines for 45 seconds. he really was. he was taking pictures of the people there in detroit. he was signing autographs. we were talking about the pre- game show and i said we're doing onely. i can't come on with you live. my wife is here and my kid. if i stop with you, i have to stop for everybody. i'm like we totally understand. tony gets that treatnt everywhere he goes. >> he is a celebrity. we are very fortunate in our line of work that we get a chance to meet people like this. i had a chance with you last year in new jersey to meet tom cruise at the jets game and tony, you've hay chance to talk to him as well. i was blown away by how genuine and how nice the guy was. he did this last year. he is friends with dan snyder. >> this is not an act. >> he talked to as many redskins fans as he could. genuine conversations. talk to people for 20, 30 minutes.
6:47 am
>> this is about 1:10 this the morning. they kick you off the field. he was taking pictures with photographers. he did it for about 20, 0 minutes until his family showed up. >> my almost seven years at good morning america, he was the nice of the celebrity we had on the show. >> and the shortest which we all like. i'm taller. there is no way! i'm taller. if we're playing basketball, i'm toasting it up. >> choosing to wear the platform shoes once again. >> we'll see you again next hour. >> me or tom? >> both of you. >> thank you, dave. >> here is was going on with the weather. we'll let this lovefest continue behind the scenes. we've got current temperatures in the 50s here. 58degrees in washington. 54 in baltimore. a cool start to the day. 55 out at dulles. fredericksburg coming in at 58 take. here also look at the surface map for today. tat is a cold front out to our west. it is making its way eastward slowly but showerly.
6:48 am
little a vigorous cold front. once it gets here, you will ow because the winds will pick up. that will be the primary thing. clouds willfold build in advance of an along the front. once it gets here t could stringer a shower or thunderstorm or two. afternoon shower or thunderstorm possible, about a 0% chance of that. high today about 77 degrees. take a look. tomorrow, 7178 the cold front comes through, it is much cooler. 60s for your highs wednesday an thursday. well below normal and overnight lows in the 50s an even in the 40s in some parts of the area. that is a look at the weather. time now for ask the weather guy. tucker barnes is back so we can put our two big geeky weather heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's question is from naightd an. he is eight years old and his question is about sunrise times. this is good.
6:49 am
nation an wrights, when you say sunrise at 6:50 a.m. for example, are you talking about washington, d.c.? i live in leesburg, virginia and want to know if the sunrise in leesburg is just a couple of minutes different than d.c. or is it 0 or 0 minutes different? >> good yes. >> is the sunrise when you first see the tip. sun, the mid. sun or when it is out all the way. >> good questions. >> here you go. when we give the sunrise, that is the sunrise time for washington, d.c. it is different depending on where you are. out to the west, since the sun rises in the east, it will be delayed a little bit. let's take a look. here is a live shot of te american legion bridge, sunrise on the way. we're about 11 minutes way from it. very pretty pictures just before the sun comes up. tucker, you have sunrise times for us this morning. >> i certainly do. if we go to the graphics, we can take a look at the sunrise
6:50 am
times. let's get to the graphic. and take a look. >> : in banger, maine this more than, # 30. it is that much further east. in leesburg, its at 7:04 this morning. >> i noticed in maine, the sup came up about 4:30 in the morning. >> pittsburgh, sunrise the 7:14. to answer your other questions, sunrise is officially when the upper edge, in fact, sunrise and sunset, when the upper edge of the disc of the sun is on the horizon. so when it first starts to make the appearance. sunset is when it is just disappearing. >> can i add one other point to it? >> the sunset in leesburg is correspondingly two minutes later. >> good question. thank you, nathan. >> very nice. >> iyou have a question that you want answered go to and click on the weather tab. since i was giving those sunrise and sunset times, i
6:51 am
should say that sunset at redskins park was yesterday afternoon. >> i agree with you completely. julie wright, you will notice when we were showing the video of tom cruise, gurvir was peachless. >> i actually have a question and we don't have time to we are it here and i'm in the a football analyst so i don't know the answer to the question. but what is the problem? >> with the redskins? >> we need to add another hour to our morning show to be able to handle that question. >> we changed copes. i think the one consistent thing is the owner. >> i just porting my cowboys colors. >> you picked a bad day to bring that up. >> top stretch of the beltway as you make your way past new hampshire avenue. below speed headed into silver spring. southbound 29 in good hape peck road out to university boulevard. 270, busy ride out of
6:52 am
germantown headed out to mva and montrose road to the split. delays across the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. coming up next hour, time to move past the mac and cheese and try your hand at fancier fare. >> holly is at hill's kitchen with alike at classes with you can learn to cook like the pros coming up. i'm with josh courage of josh current training. we'll talk about a free workout you can do anywhere in the neighborhood in any park or local rec center. it is called the jungle gym workout. >> i brought out clients for boot camps, small groups.
6:53 am
bring them out here. you kind of bring them back to the roots. any kid enjoins coming out here and running around. you come out here, you throw your body weight around, push- ups, pull-ups. this is a true test of fitness, can you control your own body. >> so the key is to develop the strength to control your own body. >> that is what it is ll about. you can run around, be outside. any jungle gym has something to pull yourself up on. >> if you are not strong tough enough to do a regular pull-up. >> can you add a little jump into it. use your legs to jump it up. >> the next one. >> working that upper body strength with the basic push-up here. >> that would be more for the advanced person. >> if you have a hearted time, get -- hard time, just increase the incline. something great for the lower half, good solid step-ups. >> this will tighten up the puns. everyone can use a little bit of that. >> if you want to advance this
6:54 am
one, work a little bit more dynamic, you jp straight up onto it. that is what this is all about. >> so this type of routine can be adopted to prettymuch any jungle gym. >> yes. >> how many times a week? >> you can do this almost he have day. but you know, three times a week. >> for more information, go to josh courage or you can bow to we have all the information on nutrition, exercise, have a good time. put something together and get healthy. ea
6:55 am
6:56 am
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. on this monday we are starting in the kitchen this morning, specifically hill's kitchen in southeast in the independently owned gourmet kitchen store that is gearing up for its october classes. we have signed up for the knife skills class this morning. $35 and you learn how to save all your dishes. you can see everybody is already assembled, coffee in hand and they are ready to learn. we're going to give you a preview this morning. chef brock is going to teach us the parts of the knife, how to hold the knife and we'll learn the proper way of cutting. we'll learn how to cut things into sticks, into cubes and then we're even going to take what we have cut and make up something, a little cooking lesson here as well. of course we're going to give
6:59 am
you everything you need to know to come out to the store yourself, sign up for all the different classes they have to offer and learn the proper way to cook. they say this is where you learn to take and make cooking from a chore into a true pleasure. >> okay, good. we'll be looking for it, holly. thanks a lot. that's going to do it for the 6:00 hour. it's time to say good morning to asson and steve. the team is all together again. things are back normal sort of. coming up on fox 5morning news, captured. after more than 30 years eluding arrest, director roman polanski is behind bars arrested on charges that he sexually abused a 13-year-old girl back in 1977. more on how he was finally taken back into custody and the international tug of war that's holding up his return to american soil. plus nuclear standoff. iran doing more missile tests just days before a round of weapons talks with the u.s. we'll get more insight into the message american officials will have for iran when we talk


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